My story of Istanbul, Turkey (part 1)

I remember Istanbul being one of those cities I really wanted to visit. Partly because I’ve heard so much about what an eclectic mix of cultures it is, partly because its’ location on two continents fascinated me and partly because I actually had friends in Turkey, and I was excited by the opportunity to visitContinue reading “My story of Istanbul, Turkey (part 1)”

My story of Pescara, Italy

Have you ever heard of Pescara? If you haven’t, this story might give you an insight into this fine coastal town in Italy. If you have, I hope you’ll still enjoy the story and my view on this trip. This story is going to be a short one. Not only because we didn’t spend tooContinue reading “My story of Pescara, Italy”

My Story of Lisbon, Portugal

The trip I took to Lisbon, Portugal was about a month after the one in Barcelona, Spain, so in July 2016. Lisbon has a warm partly Mediterranean, partly Atlantic climate, which makes July a very hot month. Luckily, there was a breeze, so I didn’t completely dehydrate.  In my last story I was telling youContinue reading “My Story of Lisbon, Portugal”